Three Signs That Your Tyler Property Manager is No Good

Property Manager Bad Signs

No one likes change, and when one of your most important and valuable assets is in the hands of a professional property management company, the idea of leaving that company to find a new property manager can be a bit unsettling. However, you deserve the best possible management and customer service. If you’re not getting what you need or what you’re paying for, it’ time to make a change.

We’re talking about three major signs that your Tyler property manager is not doing what a good property manager should do. The three major issues that should make you consider switching management companies are financial issues, trust issues, and communication issues. (more…)

Tyler Real Estate Investing: Whom Should I Consult When Buying a Rental Property?


Whether you’re buying your first investment property or you have an entire portfolio that is still growing, you need to surround yourself with professionals in order to be successful. A smart investor will have access to attorneys, accountants, brokers, and managers. If you’re wondering whether to talk to a real estate agent or a property manager in Tyler, there’s good news – you don’t have to choose. Talk to both of them. Each professional will bring extensive and local knowledge to your investment, and help you plan for both the long term and the short term.

Realtors and property managers each bring something new to the table when you’re investing in the local real estate market. When you work with both of them, you get a wider view of the investment you’re about to make and what you can expect from it. (more…)

What Do Multifamily Investors Gain from Working with CrossPointe Management Group in Tyler?

Why Work With Us

The real estate market in Tyler, Texas is always changing, and at CrossPointe Management Group, we work hard to keep up with its trends and its changes. We know there are a lot of options for owners and investors when it comes to managing properties. Today, we want to share a few important reasons to consider us when you’re looking for someone to manage your multi-family property. (more…)

Rental Owner & Landlord Education – What You Need to Know About Tyler Property Management

What You Need to Know About Tyler Property Management

One of the most important decisions you’ll make as a rental property owner is whether you want to manage your property on your own or hire a professional management company to do it. If you decide to do it alone, remember that there may be a lot of things you don’t know. Today, we’re covering some of the most essential topics in landlord education.


Evicting a Tenant Doesn’t Have to be a Scary Thing | Tyler Property Management Education

Many landlords are afraid of the eviction process, and that fear causes them to delay the start of an eviction proceeding when a tenant isn’t paying rent. An eviction is actually not scary, especially when you are organized and proactive. It’s a straightforward process in Texas, and property managers familiar with the legal requirements and court proceedings can be an excellent resource when you need to remove a tenant from your property.


What are Residential Property Management Fees in Tyler?

Smart investors know that professional property management is well worth the fees that are paid, especially when you’re working with an experienced company that can help you earn more on your rental property. Before you sign a management contract, make sure you understand the fees that are paid and how you’ll pay them. It’s also important to know the services you’re receiving in exchange for those fees. That will define the value you’re receiving.


Top 10 Fair Housing Mistakes Tyler Property Investors Make

Housing Mistakes Investors Make

We see a lot of mistakes with fair housing among landlords who are managing their own properties. No one sets out to discriminate intentionally, but it’s easy to misunderstand the laws and make innocent mistakes. Today, we’re sharing the top 10 fair housing mistakes we see rental property owners and investors make.


Top Questions to Ask a Tyler Property Management Company


If you’ve never interviewed a property manager before, make sure you’re prepared to ask a lot of questions. You’re looking for professionals to manage one of your most valuable investments; it’s important that you get to know who they are and how they operate. Whether you’re switching property managers or looking for your first one, don’t hire a management company until you’re completely satisfied that they’re the best solution for your rental property.


How to Perform Good Rental Property Inspections in Tyler, TX

A rental home inspection is a great opportunity for landlords to check for maintenance and to ensure the tenants are following the terms of the lease. It’s important to inspect the property before the lease begins and after it ends, and you also want to get inside the property at least once during the tenancy.