Property Management Laws & Regulations

Professional Tyler property management companies understand the rules, regulations, and laws that govern rental properties. We stay up to date on all the changes in these laws, and we advise our clients on how to comply with them. If you’re an independent landlord managing your own rental property, make sure you know what you’re required to do. There are some specific things you need to know as a landlord in Texas, and we’re highlighting those laws today.

Texas Property Codes

The Texas Property Code is something you’ll need to familiarize yourself with as soon as you even think about renting out property. It provides instruction in a number of areas, including tenants rights and habitability. For example, you need to rekey the property between every tenant, and you cannot charge your incoming tenant for the new locks. All exterior doors in your property must have a keyless deadbolt and a peephole so your tenants can see who is at the door. Complying with these property codes is your legal responsibility as a landlord.

Security Deposit Rules and Laws

You need to return your tenant’s security deposit within 30 days of your tenant moving out. When you need to withhold all or part of the deposit to pay for repairs that are outside of normal wear and tear, send an itemized list of those deductions to your tenant. Make sure you can back up your claims of damage with documentation. A good move-in and move-out condition report will help.

Maintain Habitability Standards

The “Implied Warranty of Habitability” is a legal doctrine in Texas that applies to rental properties. You must provide a rental home that’s safe and habitable. When emergency repairs are needed, you need to take action right away. Replace the broken furnace and fix the air conditioning as soon as you can, otherwise your tenants can withhold rent or make the repair themselves and deduct the cost from their rental payment.

Anti-Discrimination Laws are Important

There are a number of state, federal, and local fair housing and anti-discrimination laws that need your attention. When you’re advertising your home, the wrong wording can invite a claim of discrimination. You need to screen every applicant consistently, and it’s important that you know the difference between a pet and a service animal. Violating these laws will get you in a lot of trouble and cost you thousands of dollars.

There’s a lot to know about Texas property laws. If you’re not sure about these laws or you’d like us to help you with your rental property, please contact us at CrossPointe Management. We’d be happy to tell you more.

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