We are talking today about why you should allow pets in your rental home. Tenants are going to have pets. At least 50 percent of people do. When owners limit themselves by not allowing pets, their rental homes sit vacant for longer periods of time. They don’t lease as fast because a no-pet policy narrows your pool of potential renters. Open up the field and allow animals.

Property Management Tyler: Pet Policy Restrictions

At CrossPointe Management, we have set strict rules for pets in our properties. We only allow two animals per door. So, you won’t have to worry about five or six pets causing damage in your home. We have an inside weight limit of 20 pounds. Set standards up front so when a tenant moves out, you won’t find unexpected damages. You might also run into a situation where your tenants have pets but they don’t tell you. That’s why it’s important to schedule quarterly inspections and renewal inspections.

Pets as a Source of Revenue

Another good reason to allow pets in your home is that it’s another avenue of revenue. We charge $15 in rent per pet every month. This benefits the owner because not only is your tenant paying more in a deposit, you’re also receiving more monthly rental income. You also get the peace of mind that if there is damage, you have the extra deposit, and it will cover any costs.

Fair Housing: Emotional Support Animals and Service Dogs

You might run into fair housing issues if you confuse pets with service animals. If a tenant has a service dog or emotional support animal, you have to know that those are two separate issues. For emotional support animals, tenants can fill out some paperwork online and get a little card in the mail with a picture of the animal. This may be a serious need to treat anxiety or depression. However, you do not legally have to approve an emotional support animal. You do have to approve a service animal, however. You can ask for the correct documentation, which means the animal has to be prescribed by a doctor or psychiatrist.

If you open up your rental home to pets, you’ll have less vacancy and a larger tenant pool. You’ll also keep your good tenants happy; some people think of their pets as their children.

We are a locally owned property management company based out of Tyler. We also provide services to all of East Texas. If you’re looking for rental property or need professional Tyler property management, please contact us at CrossPointe Management Group. We’d be happy to help.

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